Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church


“Inviting Mystery, Embracing Compassion, Encountering Christ”


6 Years -  Episcopal Church Community in Cook County, MN

Church Services at 10:30 AM on Sundays

at the Historic Maple Hill Church

County Road 54 (off the Gunflint Trail just past

the Gunflint Hills Golf Course).  Click Location tab for a map and driving instructions.

Everyone is Welcome

The Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Ashcroft, Vicar

The Rev. Carolyn Schmidt, Assisting Priest

P.O. Box 1115, Grand Marais, MN  55604

For information call 218-387-1536

Now on FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/SpiritoftheWilderness

We are a liturgical, inclusive community.


Click!! to download a copy of our 2015 Pledge Card..

Volunteer Schedule!!  As a ministry-centered Church many individuals participate in all aspects of our weekly worship.  To download a current copy (Click Here!)

To volunteer to fill a slot please contact Ellen Stubbs at 663-7298 or estubbs290@aol.com

Prayer Chain:  We now have a prayer chain.  Please contact Patsy Coleman to add someone with prayer needs, or if you’d like to hear of (and pray about) requests.  pcoleman@chem.wayne.edu

To Contact:  Our Vicar, the Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Ashcroft:  <spiritwilderness@boreal.org> or  218-387-1536

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, Feb. 28th—Field trip to Silver Bay to experience Ruby’s Pantry.

Tuesday, March 10th—Illuminations art show materials will be dropped at Johnson Heritage Post. (Help needed!)

Friday, March 13th—show opening including presentation on the St. John’s Bible.

Saturday, March 14th—class (time TBA on the St. John’s Bible.

Sunday, March 15th—SOTW at the Care Center.

Wednesday, March 18th—worship committee meeting—concerns to members Lee, Karen K, Ginny or Layne.

Adult Forums (After Church):

     Feb. 7th: What does it mean to be part of the Anglican church? (Mary Ellen)

     Feb. 22nd: Mark’s gospel — the passion narratives (Carol Mork)

     March 8: on The Minor Prophets. (Hillary Freeman)

     March 22nd: The history of the Episcopal church in Minnesota. (Ben Scott)

     April 19th: Medical issues and mortality. (Ellen Stubbs)

     May 17th: Historical Service — 1670. (Karen Halbersleben)

     June 7th: Sacraments — (Mary Ellen)

South Africa Book and Movie Group: (Lead by Dr. Ashcroft)—CCHE Save the dates and invite a friend. 6:00-8:00

     February 26—Discuss M’pho ‘M’atsepo Nthunya’s Singing Away the Hunger.

    March 5—Watch Athol Fugard’s TsoTsi.

    March 12-- Watch Long Night’s Journey Into Day. (Optional reading: Antjie Krog’s--Country of my Skull).

    Bishop’s Committee:

      Milan Schmidt, Senior Warden

        Karen Halbersleben, Junior Warden

        Tim Kennedy, Treasurer

        Kathy Sullivan

        Karen Kobey

        Bob Padzieski

        Bonnie Gay Hedstrom

        Karl Hansen, Book Keeper

        Vicar:  Mary Ellen Ashcroft

Weddings!!  For wedding rentals call  Gail Hedstrom at 218-387-2947