Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church


“Inviting Mystery, Embracing Compassion, Encountering Christ”


6 Years -  Episcopal Church Community in Cook County, MN

Church Services at 10:30 AM on Sundays

at the Historic Maple Hill Church

County Road 54 (off the Gunflint Trail just past

the Gunflint Hills Golf Course).  Click Location tab for a map and driving instructions.

Everyone is Welcome

The Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Ashcroft, Vicar

The Rev. Carolyn Schmidt, Assisting Priest

P.O. Box 1115, Grand Marais, MN  55604

For information call 218-387-1536

We are a liturgical, inclusive community.


Click here to download a copy of our 2014 Pledge Card..

Weddings!!  For wedding rentals call  Gail Hedstrom at 218-387-2947


Prayer Chain:  We now have a prayer chain.  Please contact Patsy Coleman to add someone with prayer needs, or if you’d like to hear of (and pray about) requests.  pcoleman@chem.wayne.edu

To Contact:  Our Vicar, the Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Ashcroft:  <spiritwilderness@boreal.org> or  218-387-1536

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, August 17—SOTW at the Care Center.
Sunday, August 24—11:45-12:15 “State of the Mission” meeting. Following, a potluck social at Ron and Sue’s place on Poplar Lake.
August 26-28—women’s canoe trip into the BWCAW.
September 3rd, 2:15-5:00—Tea and presentation by Karen Halber- sleben on some of England’s queens at Naniboujou Lodge. Sign up with CCHE for this fund raising treat.
Sept. 10th, 6:30—Bishop’s Committee
October 5th—Rescheduled forum—Mary Ellen Ashcroft - How were the books of the Bible chosen?
November 7th and 8th—”All Hearts are Open” liturgy workshop at St. John’s Linden Hills—let Mary Ellen know if you’re interested!


    Bishop’s Committee:
        Sr. Warden:  Lee Stewart
        Jr. Warden:  Milan Schmidt
        Worship: Layne Lindquist
        Outreach:  Kathy Sullivan
        Treasurer:  Tim Kennedy
        Stewardship: Jennye Ashcroft
        Secretary:  Val Groth
        Bookeeper:  Karl Hansen 
        Vicar:  Mary Ellen AshcroftCalendar.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Wedding of Mary Ellen Ashcroft and Suzanne Sherman (8/15/2014)  Photo by Ellen Stubbs